Historical Abstracts

(I fuckin' hate this stupid course that's all about how to find a book in a database...)

I started listening to Anna Ternheim because I'm fed up with all the other music. Ha! No, not really. But something different is good from time to time. Although I'm not sure if I like Anna Ternheim, really.

I like our balcony, anyway. 'Tis a good thing like, to hang out there and reading Lessings' Miss Sara Sampson. It's spring, finally, everything green and white and pink and growing, and sure I've got to study now. Great thing to do, really, in this time of the year.
I finally started to like living, especially at this place, in Fribourg with all the nice people and bars and concerts and - being a student is quite fun; if you don't have to study on a nice sunny sunday in may.
Anyway, finished now. Blurp.
4.5.08 12:15

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